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Angry Church Members Fight Pastor After He Bought a New Car, Demand Refund of Their Tithes in Video

  • A pastor was in for the surprise of his life after he had alighted from a newly acquired car as shown in a clip
  • In the trending video, irate church members engage in a brawl with the pastor with some holding him by the shirt
  • Mixed reactions have trailed the video wherein the members demand that their tithes be refunded

The purchase of a new car by a pastor did not appear to go over well with the members of his congregation. This dissatisfaction was expressed by the members in a video that has been making the rounds on the internet. 

In an Instagram video posted by @kingtundeednut, the enraged church members ram their pastor's car and grab him by the shirt as soon as he steps out of his white Range Rover.

Video shows moment church members fight pastor for buying new car, demand for their tithes to be returned

Pastor and his congregation fought it out as they demanded a refund of the tithes they had already paid. Photo credit: Screenshots taken from a video posted by @kingtundeednut on Twitter. UGC is the source of this information.

A heated exchange ensued as many hands hold the unidentified cleric's shirt firmly, to his bewilderment. It was stated that they demanded a refund of their tithes

Social media users express diverse views over the event

While some people found the members' agitation unnecessary, others egged them on.

@yetundebakare wrote:

"It’s about time but dem no fit get the money back because tithe and offering is for God.. idi ti je." 

@jnrpope stated:

"Pastors are not left out….When Hunger Strikes , The people will come for what is theirs." 

@vjoofficial commented:

"Make una collect una money, money wey una give God he don go carry am buy motor." 

@domingo_loso said:

"That's assault, shey dem point gun for una head to pay tithe. Una mumu never too much?" 

@usherjeekk thought:

"Some people think #50 that they pay as a offering can buy their pastor a private jet. Most of this pastors writes books and own other business." 

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Mzansi is outraged after a video shows a pastor spitting in a woman's face. 

South Africa has also had its fair share of controversial pastors, according to Briefly News, who have ranged from Lukau, who claimed to have "reached out to the dead," to the snake pastor, who claimed to have fed his congregation dog meat in order to heal HIV. 

In the meantime, another video has made its way onto social media, this one depicting a pastor spitting water in the faces of his congregation. 

In a parody account called Man's Not Barry Roux, the video was posted on the social media platform on Sunday.

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