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PRAYER: God, Please Help Me To Be A Good Disciple Today

"Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow me," Jesus stated to his disciples (Matt. 16:24).

"A hen and pig approached a church and read the sermon topic What can we do to help the poor?" The hen immediately suggested that they feed them bacon (salt-cured meat taken from the belly or back of a pig) and eggs. "There is only one problem with giving bacon and eggs to the poor," the pig considered for a bit before saying, "There is only one problem with feeding bacon and eggs to the poor." It simply takes a contribution from you, but it takes absolute commitment from me.

Discipleship necessitates complete dedication. A disciple is more than a student who listens to lectures and reads books to absorb lessons. He is a student who learns by living with and working with his teacher on a regular basis. He works as a trainee. A disciple enthusiastically imitates his master's teachings and helps to disseminate them. Discipline is something that must be practiced on a daily basis. It necessitates daily self-denial and voluntary acceptance of the obligations and hardships that come with being a follower of Christ, as well as a daily devotion of one's entire person to Christ's cause. It is a daily detachment from one's own self-centeredness. It's putting your whole heart and soul towards winning others to Christ.

Discipleship is more than just a call to action. It is a way of life that must continue until we are called home to spend eternity with our Lord. It is our unwavering devotion, worship, learning, growth, and practice in Christ as the Lord of all. Discipleship is also a two-way street. That is, as we learn, we commit to training others, to taking on the responsibility of being disciples and making disciples. We will genuinely be Christ's disciples if we are willing to learn and apply what He taught, and the benefits we will receive will far outweigh any suffering or loss we may experience.

PRAYER: Oh God, please help me today to be a good disciple in speech and deed. Amen

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