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People make a joke of prophet T Fred on his humble beginnings: Opinion

This man of God has just becoming a joke, when this picture was posted on social media, particularly on Facebook. A lot of people are making jokes of it, making jokes of him saying, "he looks like a criminal. They are saying all sorts of funny things, making funny of the men of God.

Everybody has a hamble beginning, be it a man of God, or a business man, everybody comes from somewhere. Everybody has got a story to tell about his or her life. So I don't see what is so funny about the men of God wearing like this.

I know one today is one of the man of God that is being celebrated in Zimbabwe. He is one of the men of God that has a big church. Obviously the offering and the tithes in that the church is quite huge amounts, and it's good. His life has improved, his skin has changed, he has a gang weight, and he is rich both in currency and assets.

So I don't wanna see the reason why people should laugh at his humble beginnings. He did not steal to get to where he is. All what he did was to respond to the call of God, to what God expected him to do, and that's why he is where he is today. May God-bless you more and more.

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