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Is It Good For Culture To Take The Place Of God In The Life Of A Christian?

It's important that we understand and follow the chain of command. This promotes good governance, obedience, unity, and respect for authority. If a chain of command is not followed in any organized setting, chaos and failure are almost guaranteed. The Holy Spirit revealed it to Paul for everyone to read and obey because God has organized the world in the way it should be.

Christ is the head of every man, and man is the head of every woman, according to God's design. The Head of Christ is God. Are you, as a man, submitting to Christ's leadership as Christ did to God's leadership, as revealed in Philippians chapter two? Are you, as a woman, submitting to man's authority as stated in Ephesians chapter five?

If Christ submitted to God's authority and we, as men and women, refused to submit, Christ the Great Judge will condemn us at the end of time. This clarification has become necessary and important in order for people to understand how to pledge their allegiance to those in positions of authority over them. There are also rules that govern public worship. When worshipping, men should not cover their heads, but women should.

Women should cover their heads because they are the glory of man, while men should not cover their heads because they are the image and glory of God. Because of the Angels of God who worship God with us in our churches, covering for women is a symbol of authority. Because of today's cultural diversity, these rules have been eroded. However, keep in mind that God's standard for public worship must be upheld in order for the church of Christ and society to remain sane.

Is it possible for a culture to overrule God's law? Think about this over and over again and make a decision on it.

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