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The Reason Why Most Of Your Good Dreams Don't Come To Pass

I assume you came on this article because you've had a number of good dreams that have yet to materialize. The truth is, you've just made one of the most fortunate decisions of your life because on this page, you'll learn why your good dreams never come true and what you can do to change the pattern.

To begin, I'd like to state unequivocally that dreams are not fiction; the majority of them are genuine spiritual encounters intended to influence your physical life. Simply said, most of your dreams are reflections of events that have occurred, are occurring, or are soon to occur in your physical life.

However, it has become a typical pattern among many people that whenever they have a bad dream, it comes and goes quickly, whereas good dreams never materialize. The question is, why do good dreams never come true? What is the reason you had the same dream twice, that someone brought you a lovely gift, but you haven't received a call, let alone a gift?

The good news is that it is highly likely that your wonderful dreams will begin to come true, but you must take action.

The reason your excellent dreams don't come true is that there are always opposing forces working against them. The kingdom of darkness does not want nice things to come your way, and they will go to great lengths to guarantee that nothing positive comes your way. Many of them are legitimate because of covenants, but others are satanic intruders. Unless they see fire, the devil and his minions do not observe rules.

The case of Daniel in Daniel chapter 10 is a wonderful example of how this happens. Daniel prayed to God for a specific desire, and God answered him the first day he began praying. However, the angel dispatched to give his response was assaulted on his route, rendering him unable to reach Daniel. When you have good dreams, they tell you that something excellent has been released, but most of the time, demons intercept them on their way.

So, what is the solution to this issue?

The solution to this dilemma is simple but difficult, as Daniel's instance demonstrates. His plea was answered the first day he began praying, but he never received the response. So, what did he do after that? Daniel continued to pray and prayed for another 21 days till his answers were eventually revealed.

For your positive dreams to come true, you must stay in the area of prayer and continue to disturb the heavens with your petitions until God sends angels to help you. You must act like Daniel, who never stopped praying until he received the answer to his plea.

Finally, if you can follow up your positive dreams with fervent prayers, they will come true, and you will be able to witness very soon.

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