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'I will never spend my hard earning on alcohol and artificial nails' said Prof Mamokgethi

15/08 /2022


Mamokgethi Phakeng made it clear about her preferences.

According to Mamokgethi Phakeng, she will rather donate her money than buy artificial stuff and alcohol.

"point of clarity, I support small businesses but I'll never support spending money on alcohol, artificial nails, or weed, especially when one doesn't have excess cash. Call me what you like but I will not be spending my hard-earned cash on the stuff. I'd rather donate it to charity, "said Mamokgethi Phakeng.

Prof's statement caused a stir on Twitter, people started to debate her statement. Some agree with her and they believe that artificial things are demonic and a waste of money, according to the Bible doesn't support such things.

However, some people see nothing wrong with that, they believe that person needs to do whatever it takes to look beautiful and confident.

What's your view on this matter? Leave your thoughts with us.

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Mamokgethi Phakeng


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