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End Of Vladimir Putin And Big Lessons For Dictators

The focus placed on collective action by democratic institutions is the one factor that separates democracy from other types of government. It is preferable to have two good minds than one bad one. The worst fate that may befall a person is to be born with an indomitable imagination. When they reach that level, they start to preach some false beliefs regarding God's nonexistence, which they eventually forsake. They do so in order to provide the foundation for being worshipped as gods. This is a habit that is common among autocrats and tyrants. It has been more frequent in recent years, when they were mainly addressed as Kings. Nebuchadnezzar had risen to such prominence that he commanded that his followers carve his picture into stone and worship him as a god. Those who violated the order were sentenced to either death by fire or captivity in the lion's den. Remember the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who were burnt alive for refusing to recognize Nebuchadnezzar as their god? 

The simplest way for Satan to seduce men is to inflate their egos and persuade them that they are not ordinary. The fall of man happened when he ate the forbidden fruit, which Satan claimed would turn him into a godlike creature. He quickly lost his radiance and perished in the earth's dust. Nebuchadnezzar was changed into a human monkey and free to explore the wilderness for seven years, interacting with a variety of wildlife. He returned from that experience certain that there is a God in charge of human affairs. He was fortunate to have survived the ordeal. While sitting on their thrones, some of his favorite persons were assassinated. Jezebel was a cruel Queen who murdered people for the express goal of accumulating wealth. She was thrown out of a window and eaten by dogs while at her most evil, which led to her death. Her name has long been associated with evil, and it remains so today. Being as nasty as Jezebel has now become a proverb. After being vanquished in the war that was supposed to raise him to the position of world ruler, Hitler committed suicide. Likewise, rulers' fantasies, and their generation is incapable of learning from past mistakes. 

You can only imagine how people feel about their fellow humans if they have such scorn for God, their creator. Africa, according to Hitler, will be used as a test bed for his nuclear weapons. There was a champion by the name of Goliath in those early days. He was a massive figure who was so talented at combat that he could take on an entire country on his alone. To win the war, he needed to show up on the battlefield and demand that the other country send a man to fight with him, with the understanding that whomever won would enslave the opponent country's people. Even the King of Israel hid from him as he challenged Israel to raise a man to confront him from the top of the mountain. That is, until David, a young shepherd kid and musician, appeared on the scene and altered everything. He'd come to bring food to his older brothers, who were at the moment involved in the conflict. Even his brothers took refuge in the docks to avoid being attacked by Goliath, a dreadful, murderous demon. David was horrified by the manner this uncircumcised Philistine was dragging God's people's army into disrepute by his presence. He agreed to fight Goliath in a battle. Goliath disliked David after seeing him and proclaimed that his flesh would be fed to the birds of the air. They were, in all honesty, a horrible match for each other. One had the arrogance of authority, while the other was hell-bent on winning. The fighter in the first fought to prove his dominance, but the fighter in the second fought to protect and preserve his people from destruction and shame. He was willing to give his life for the pride and glory of his people and country. There's also the God-factor to consider, whose prime concerns in all of this are truth and fairness. The giant was finally brought down, according to tradition, by a stone shot from a shepherd's catapult, rather than the intercontinental ballistic missiles that were available at the time. The giant boasted about being able to feed Goliath's flesh to the birds, but David killed him with a stone, treating him as if he were a common bird. All of the aforementioned dictatorships ended in tragedy. 

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Putin is nothing more than a modern-day manifestation of the ancient Goliath, and Zelensky is nothing more than a modern-day manifestation of the ancient David. For months, Putin has been amassing his army around Ukraine, insulting the Ukrainian people and the Western world in the process. When Putin declared he had no plans to attack Ukraine, he was lying. He was biding his time in the hopes that Ukraine would be caught off guard. His past employment history included spying. His plan was to ambush Ukraine and occupy it through trickery. After ridiculing Ukraine for months, Putin ultimately approved a unilateral invasion of the country on February 24, 2022. 

In the sake of complete honesty, there is no other reason for Putin's invasion of Ukraine but his urge to demonstrate his arrogance by affirming his status as the world's most powerful person. Putin has declared that he does not want Ukraine to join NATO, which it is not already a member of. He added that he does not want Ukraine to pose a threat to his reign and that Ukraine poses no threat to his country. As a result, Ukraine, which was home to some of the former Soviet Union's nuclear power plants, decided to surrender its nuclear weapons to demonstrate that it does not aim to pose a military threat to its neighbors. Since the country's founding, Ukraine has not launched an attack on any of its neighbors. Putin, on the other hand, had earlier launched an operation against them via some Russian-speaking Ukrainians, resulting in the country's disintegration. Prior to Zelensky's election, Russian President Vladimir Putin had captured Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk from Ukraine and annexed them, both directly and through proxy forces. Ukrainians are recognized for being optimistic, fun-loving people. They chose a movie comedian as their President to emphasize that they enjoy life and keep themselves entertained. Putin would have no incentive to invade Ukraine if he didn't want to boost his own interests. Any guy who is willing to give his life in exchange for wealth, power, or influence lacks a soul. President Joe Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin, "I look into your eyes and see that you do not have a soul." 

Whatever has a beginning must come to an end at some point. President Vladimir Putin, like the mythological Goliath, detested President Zelensky and declared that he would depose him by a military coup. To fight a full-scale war against Russia, Zelensky is insufficient. After deciding to invade, he declared the invasion to be a military operation. In a few of days, he planned to destabilize Ukraine. This was backed up by American intelligence, which predicted that if the situation remained the same, Kyiv would fall in four days. Putin was relieved, expecting that the war would be ended in a week and that the sanctions, both threatened and applied, would have taken their toll on the Russian people. He also anticipated that he would be able to use Ukraine as a bargaining chip against Western countries. He gathered his troops in the anticipation that the sound of a bomb would prompt Ukrainians to escape for their lives, as is customary for tyrants. He detonated bombs, mocked Zelensky, and established a Russian government that would succeed Zelensky. 

Regrettably, the God-factor came into play. Zelensky was unafraid in the face of bombs and missiles. He carried stones in his pockets and swore to kill the intruders as if they were birds. It's been a month since the conflict began. Putin has failed to make any significant progress. Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly feeding Ukrainian birds the flesh of his men. They can't fight because they're out of food, gasoline, and faith. These victims are murdered like chickens, and their bodies are packed in shipping containers like sadine, ready to be carried back to Russia in body bags. Their Commander in Chief informed them that they would not face opposition, but would instead face devastation. They're disheartened, and they're seeking to exit the battleground. Ukrainians are now waging a counter-offensive in their homeland. Russia is now preparing to take a defensive stance. Unfortunately, for the man known as Putin, this is the beginning of the end. He's finished his course and will be put to an untimely end in the not-too-distant future. 

First and foremost, if nothing is done quickly to end the war, Russia's economy will collapse within the next two months. As a result of the Russian economy collapsing, the Russian people would face internal unemployment and economic hardship. Russia will be engulfed by internal discontent and insurgency on a scale that Putin could never have predicted. He will use his iron hand to put down the uprising, as he has in the past, but the people will not be deterred, and the dictatorship will fall. They will persist because the amount of economic hardship will be such that the Russian Federation's citizens will face an existential threat. The alternative is that if they support Putin, they will starve to death, and if they oppose Putin, they will be executed. They have a higher chance of surviving if they can topple Putin's government, allowing a new leader to emerge who can reconcile Russia with the rest of the world, resulting in the lifting of sanctions against the beleaguered country. 

In the foreseeable future, Putin will be tormented by oligarchs' lifestyles. Oligarchs are naturally prosperous, fun-loving individuals who loathe anything that gets in the way of their way of life. Their willingness to give you entire control of the government means you'll have to utilize the weapons of power to defend their vast economic empires and lavish lifestyle. However, you must use these weapons of mass destruction with caution. Putin has failed to meet the expectations of the billionaires. They are currently scurrying over the globe in an attempt to reduce the effects of European and American sanctions against them. Putin's attempts to undermine everything they have worked so hard to build will not go unnoticed. The oligarchs will eventually tire of it and retaliate by turning against Putin. They have the means and contacts to take him out, and they want to do so as soon as possible. Putin's troops is expected to mutiny against him in the near future, bringing his dictatorship to an end. Nothing is more heartbreaking for a person than to have his or her friends, family, or coworkers die in a horrible and inhumane manner in front of them for no reason. When soldiers on the front lines of a conflict fail to meet their objectives, they develop psychological problems soon. They swiftly become irrational, and they may unjustifiably turn their guns on the man who sent them to their deaths. 

According to the current situation, if this conflict continues for several months, Ukraine may even overcome Russia since the implications of global sanctions against Russia will be severe, giving the Ukrainians a military advantage over Russia that might lead to victory. Putin may commit suicide or end up in the Hague, where he will be tried as a war criminal, in the unlikely event that such a circumstance arises. Neither of these outcomes are desirable. There is no light at the end of this long, black tunnel for him to see. Putin wishes to be worshipped as a god, but he will unavoidably perish. He still has the chance to do the right thing and terminate this war now, allowing him to retrace his steps and save himself and his country from eternal humiliation. Is it possible for tyrants to learn from their errors and change their ways? Waiting is the only way to find out.


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