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Nyazilwezulu Is Ours Till The End Of Time [OPINION]

With all great respect allow me to briefly explain more about our eBuhleni leader uNyazilwezulu. The king left Nhlangakazi holy mountain to bless another mountain which he named Canaan. After this was done, there was peace and those who came for the misunderstandings in the church and not to worship disappeared.

There are people who think otherwise about us Shembe church members. They see us as their livestock forgetting that we are very deep and serious religious people. We are not newbies in the Nazarite church and uNyazilwezulu did not campaign to have us as a holy congregation under his leadership. Everything we do for uNyazi comes within our hearts. We have never been shaken and we are not everywhere.

The reason we went to eBuhleni was to worship our forefathers and our families. We also went there to prepare for better life after death. We never went there to look at other people's huge cash offerings and be tempted. We never went there to be greedy and fill our own pockets with money as some members did during uThingo's leadership. Unfortunately it looks like they will die without seeing this happening now because uNyazi's powers are a secret to the blind.

We follow uNyazi and we are proud of that. Judges, National and provincial government cannot choose a leader for us. Our God is uNyazi who is currently not at eBuhleni because of votes, yet this is his home, it's his grandfather Nyangayezulu's house. We follow our heart to lead us to the right place. Our hearts are the reason why we as Nazarites decided to show the world that we are here and we support uNyazi.

Those who think they can lead us must forget it because it won't happen. We can't be led by an ungodly person, people who don't go to church to worship but to fill their pockets with money. These people are not in a good health condition, they have pale skin, their bodies are weak which shows that they are suffering from hunger.

There's no hunger under uNyazi's leadership, he is spiritually gifted. With this prayer : 'Bhombela Langa lama Langa, Nyangayezulu, Thingolwenkosazane, Nyazilwezulu.' We are able to receive anything we wish for. We see not given opportunity to speak on radio stations like Ukhozi FM as a blessing because Shembe speaks directly to you if he loves you. Even Isizulu newspapers have been writing bad stories about uNyazi in the past years but all of that didn't cause much of an effect to us because we feel uNyazi inside us.

Actually, uNyazi is life to us, our alive and dead families. We have no grief, we are happy people with love. We don't have desire for what you believe in or have because we have everything we want here. We are complete. Continue holding it down where you at because we don't care about where you are and what you're doing. You have been holding meetings at night planning strategies of taking over the chair. Today you're panicking because you have been longing to own us. Forget it.

We belong to UNyazilwezulu until death.


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Nazarite Nhlangakazi Nyazilwezulu Shembe eBuhleni


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