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'See what the 'Vodu Korku' members can do when possessed by the spirit

Take a look at what the members of the Vodu Korku can do when they are possessed by the spirit.

Tradition, after all, is tradition, and the traditional religious organization known as the 'Vodu Korku' has shown that once again.

A powerful deity known as the 'Vodu Korku,' he can utilize his followers to accomplish miracles if they let the spirit of the 'Vodu Korku' to enter their bodies.

The young man was possessed by the ghost, who used a sharp Cutlass to squeezed his eye shut.

When the spirit of the 'Vodu Korku' descended on the members of the 'Vodu Korku,' they most often accomplished the following miracles:

1. The possessed members are able to bathe in hot oil without experiencing any sensations.

2. The possessed members have the ability to transform a stone into hot oven bread.

3. The possessed members have the ability to convert a leave into money.

4. The possessed individuals have the ability to order an egg to float in mid-air.

5. The possessed individuals have the ability to chew and swallow a sharp blade.

6. Possessed members can put their hands into a blazing fire if they so want.

The events of APETORKU traditional religious festival celebration were place in Dagbamate at the time of this writing.

Every year, the APETORKU Shrine extends an invitation to more than three different traditional religious organizations to join them in their celebrations. Among the groups that were invited to the most recent celebration were the 'Yewe' group, the 'Brekete' group, the 'Gago' group, and others.

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