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Papa, Apostle Paul Mwazha has just turned 103 years, Happy birthday General

This is one of the oldest men of God that lives in Zimbabwe. He is well repeatable man of God that has not been having so much of bad records. He has the cleanest track record and a clean history, not to say that we forget that he's also human. He might have his own weaknesses, but he did not put the name of Jesus to shame. He did not misrepresent the church in or the Gospel of the lord Jesus.

It doesn't mean that there are no bad things that can be said about him, but the man simply knew what to play with, and what not to play with, where to play and where not to play. Unlike these days where men of God have lost fear for God. They can play even on the pulpit, they can play even with the people that are on the pulpit, they can play even with the people that they are trying to show the way to holiness. They can play with people that stands with them on the stage to serve the people.

Happy Birthday Baba Paul Mwazha we wish you all the best enjoy your day! 🎁🎂🎈🎊

103 years it is not a child's play, more grace, more grace!

What will you call the scenario where the pastor would sleep with his worship team members. Where the pastors would be having scandals of sleeping with women that he is trying to give counselling to, you see Papa Meazha is one of the men of God that, when a woman are around them feel safe. Unlike the other man of God that will call you to their offices, and you find them there alone.

You are in a vulnerable state, your situation has just broken you down. They take advantage of you because of that, this is where the Bible would say in the book of Ezekiel, "that which was wounded, you did not bandage, that which is lost, you did not seek! My servants look for the fat ones and slaughter! I will raise shepherds after my own heart, says the Lord!

These other ones are wolves in a sheepskin. They take advantage of your vulnerability, before you know it, they use you to their advantage, where as you've gone to them looking for help. It is high time that people feel safe around the man of God. It's that time that dignity be restored back to the house of God. So apostle Paul Mwazha has been a remarkable African apostle, with a dignified track record.

Happy Birthday to you Papa, more Grace and more Grace

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