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Working in the Power of Come as Jesus did with Apostle Peter

Working in the Power of Come as Jesus did with Apostle Peter

Commenting on the significance of Apostle Peter attempting to walk on water at the word of Jesus, Christian writer- Joel Ryan said God is not blind to or far away from our struggles. Much more than that, the experience of Peter with Jesus on the water has shown that if we take Jesus at his word- even the written word, anything is possible for us.

The word is in us and to conquer in life, we must superimpose the word in us over our world. Peter connected to Jesus through the spoken word. He asked Jesus; tell me to come to you on the water. this is an incredible faith from Peter. He knew of the power in the word of Jesus. he knew Jesus' word is itself powerful.

However, Peter played smart, he didn't say make it possible for me to walk on water rather he asked for enablement and empowerment that come from the word of Jesus. This is a practical example of the way to work with the word of God.

To do extraordinary things today, we only need to take action based on the word of God. Jesus has already given us all the invitation we need when he said; Come to me all of you who are weary heavy-laden. He has told us what to do as contained in the Bible.

All we need is to focus on him as the author and perfecter of our faith, because the one who calls to come is faithful. He will honour his word. We must also honour his word by believing it and acting on it. Like Peter, the word may seem impractical given the circumstances around us, we must not be bothered about the wind, but the faithfulness of God.

For every challenge we may be facing now,the Lord has crossed the finishing line, he wants us to come to him. Hence, the storm of life as in the case of Peter is an illusion. It will soon calm down. The word is our anchor and bridge to cross over in every problem and challenge.

We need to take a step of faith forward. If we try and make some efforts, we will walk on water and meet Jesus on top of it. When we consciously follow in the footsteps of Jesus everyday, we will experience water-walking miracles everyday of our lives.


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