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Check Out 2 Female Pastors Who Have Been Criticised On How They Dress. See Pictures

2 F Pastors Who Have Been Criticised On How They Dress. See Pictures HERE

Pastors arensaidnto lead us by example more special if in a woman who have to stend in front of people and preach the words of God. Each Christian is dependent upon analysis from the media including ministers. The following are two female ministers who have been scrutinized on how they dress. As the world is developing, the good news of Christ is likewise spreading across the globe and a ton of evangelists and Pastors are arising out of the Christian people group.

There are many things that can tempt man thay many of us does not know. Similarly as the Men are gaining ground as Pastors, the ladies are likewise not slacking as they are additionally standing out as truly newsworthy as female priests of the gospel. For lady to stend in podium is a gift and gift however they should be in fitting as they address the congregation in general church. We know it's not everyday where have to come across woman who is pastor and stand in a pulpit.

1.2. Pastor Shantelle Jepchumba

Pastors need to know that there is audience listening to the massage. Minister Shantelle Jepchumba of Glorious Heaven Ministries in Kimwarer, Kenya got herself in trouble after she was criticised for wearing a dress that show her thighs while lecturing. The photograph which showed the pregnant minister wearing a dress with a long front cut didn't forecast well with the web-based media clients , who felt that the dress was revolting. The media was all over to her in the next day.

2. Minister Lucy Natasha

The 29-year-old female minister, Lucy Natasha's way of dressing raised concerns from Kenyans in April, 2021. Minister Lucy Natasha is one of the well known female Pastors whose dressing styles have been addressed. A few Kenyans contended that Reverend Lucy Natasha of Prophet Latter Glory Ministries International wear equips that are excessively close and not befitting for an evangelist. She has been getting guarantee that her dress style is too uncovering and her outfits are viewed as in every case tight for an individual who professes to be a Preacher. She is a young pastor with a gift from God but when it comes to dressing code she need to understand. Christians will always be judged on how they dress? What do you have to say about the two female pastors style of dressing? Every pastor need to know this.

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