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Men Praising The Lord In Short Skirts. See More Details About Their Church.

Lately pastors and prophets have shown us the most bizarre scenes in church, false and staged miracles and eating inedible staff for healing. However, not every church is doing all the unlikely things for fame and mocking religion. Every church has their own story which can be backed up by a Bible verse.

Most congregations, team or group choose a certain regalia as something that is part of their identity. Just like Zion has their uniform, ZCC with their humongous jumping shoes, Nazareth and their all white robes.

These are Israelists, If you've ever been in Queenstown or Whittlesea eHewu there's a village there called eNtabelanga. It is in the Eastern Cape. This church was founded in the early 1900's. There was an attack there in the year 1921 where many people died fighting for their land because the government of that time was trying to remove them from that land but they refused. They fought using spears against guns. They showed bravery and eventually they won what they were fighting for but many lives were lost. There's a big grave site there. The founder of the church is prophet Enoch Mgijima.

If you Google Bullhoek Massacre you will learn more information about the church and their sacrifices.

See their passionate dance moves on this link

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