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Everything You Wanted to Know About Not BEING ABLE TO FIND YOUR OWN SHADOW And Were Afraid To Ask.




I remember telling someone that when a person is about to die in few days or weeks to come his shadow will disappear no matter how sunny day it is you will never see it. 

As shocking as it sounds let me explain it to you in simpler terms. 

If you pay attention vert well, you will notice that a person has two shadows, the dark one and the light one. normally they stand together in same direction.

The dark one is the reflection of your Body and the light one is the reflection of your Spirit (not your Soul I repeat your Spirit). Now why does it have to leave when you are about to die?

When your day is near the end, your shadow will leave you as it sends a signal to the universe that the spirit of this person is about to depart from the land of the living and transcend to the Ancestral realm therefore. It's also a sign that you are going to the dark side of the spiritual realm and wait there hence why when a person dies you will hear them saying "I can see granny, she came to fetch me". It's because their spirit is in the dark and someone from the family has to come to fetch them and bring them to the light. If no one comes, that person will be a ghost. Hence why when you consult you hear the Sangoma saying " so and so's spirit is in the dark" it means no one came to fetch that person . 

Another reason why you might not see your shadow. It could be a sign that you are walking down a wrong path in your life. Your true path has light, but the one you walking has darkness, therefore shadows never reflect in the dark, but they only reflect in the light which means you won't see it. Another reason could be that you are in the black part of your spiritual gift you are at the 'dying of old self' stage, being reborn to be aligned with your spiritual gift . And that stage comes as depression, anxiety, loneliness, etc. It requires you to be alone so that you will listen to your inner voice (guides) without any external voices. Actually, that's the real meaning of the black colour in your cloths or beads. It signifies darkness before the light comes (yellow, red, blue) etc. We start with black because black is the mother of all colours. Before you see light, you come across a lot of darkness.

Please always remember, ancestors are not the same.



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