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Prayer: O Lord, Please Forgive Me For Not Being Faithful And Obedient To Your Word

When we disobey God's commandments and worship created objects such as human-made idols, we are abusing Him.

God's response to our prayers is influenced by the manner in which we seek Him.You can't bribe God and get through him.

Some people blame God for not answering their prayers at a vital time when they have been spending their lives without Him all along.

The fact is that God's eyes are on those who honor and obey His word, not on those who seek temporary relief from their difficulties just to return to their evil ways.

Seek the Lord when He shall be found, says the Psalmist, implying that there is a period when God will not be found, and that time is when wicked people demand solutions to their problems without solutions to their evil ways. So many individuals look for physical solutions to their issues before looking for spiritual solutions to their immoral lives.

That's why, when the elders of Israel came to seek God without first repenting of their idol worship and disobedience to His word (Ezekiel 20:1–20), He disregarded them and began to tell them the history of their forefathers' continued disobedience to His word. I'm not sure what specific sin you and your children are still committing without remorse.

You can help yourself and your children right now by breaking the curse and leading them away from sin.

You may see God's long-suffering for humans by the fact that he has never wiped out the guilty bloodline but has always extended mercy to them, just as you and your family exist now under God's grace and mercy.

Go to God to worship and honor Him as an obedient child of God, not to obtain something from Him.

You can call Him in times of need if serving and honoring Him is your goal.

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