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Ancestral child always acknowledge this foreign spirits

The mystery of foreign spirit

Many have different opinions about what foreign is, there's a variety of definitions among the Lesser Priest about foreign spirit .

The Priest of the Greater Mysteries knows foreign spirit in its true definition, the definition of foreign spirit once you have it right then you will realise the Universal nature of foreign spirit.

Firstly it is wise for us to define the word foreign spirit, and what it literally means without including any associations with Ancestor or Initiation.

Foreign spirit is a term that means lion they are all African words which mean Lion.

That is why s/he who will initiation for foreign spirit wears a Lion or Leopard cloth, because foreign spirits is what is called the Lion Priest.

as the Elder's put it. The Lion Priest wears a Lion/Leopard skin, being the symbol of his Initiation. The Lion Priesthood or foreign spirit is a universal concept and it's definition always changes with the context.

Foreign spirit has do mostly importantly with controlling the Lower Self, this Lower self is symbolised by the Lion. When you wear the Lion/Leopard skin you are saying that you have conquered the Lower Self (or you are working towards that), and have gained power over it.

The Lesser Priest gains power over the Lion by killing it and smearing himself with its contents, some drink it's Blood or eat it's liver, then they think they have attained Lion Power.

The Greater Priests conquer the Lion by befriending it, they overpower it by taming it and Controlling it. That's why the Greater Priests walks among Lions unharmed, in ancient times the Greater Priest who was a King would always be accompanied by a Lion whenever he was addressing his people.

This to symbolise that he has tamed his Animal Nature(Lion) and to prove his Honesty. When you have successfully undergone this Initiation you become spiritual of the Lion Priest.

Foreign spirit is connected to Nature, and the Female principle because here you are dealing with your Lower Nature and your Animal Self.

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African Ancestor Leopard Lion


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