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Righteousness And Wisdom From Above

Read: Proverbs 29:1-15

In all of His actions, Christ is wisdom embodied and righteous.

As a result, a child of God must pray for knowledge in order to live a kingdom lifestyle that is filled with holiness. That is why, if you are scolded for doing something wrong, accept the correction; otherwise, you will be crushed or ruined if you harden your heart.

The best way to tell if your leader (president, governors, chairmen, bishops, elders, and kings and queens) is ruling well is to look at how happy the people he or she is ruling are. If they aren't happy, such a leader is wicked in his or her actions and activities.

Parents adore wise children and delight in them, just as God delights in us as His children when we use the gift of wisdom to serve Him. Do you know that the Bible says it is foolish to spend money on prostitutes? If not, stop now because the only thing you gain from smoking cigarettes is the smoke, they said.

When your country's ruler is concerned with justice, the country will be strong and progress; nevertheless, when he is obsessed with money, the country will be plagued by corruption, murder, and all forms of criminal activity, all of which will drive the country to ruin.

Righteous people are happy and free, while evil people are stuck in their misdeeds. Are you a decent person who respects the rights of the less fortunate or a cruel person who tramples on their rights?

Blood-thirsty individuals dislike anyone who is honest, expresses their anger openly, and is ready to fight and kill at any moment, just as they did in the past, whereas righteous people preserve lives and are patient in holding or controlling their fury.

Do you know that rulers who value false information and rumor enlist the help of liars?One thing we have forgotten is that God, the Supreme Court of the Universe, is watching both the oppressed and the oppressors.

That is why any king who wishes to rule for a long time must safeguard the rights of the poor, with whom God does not play games.

If you're a parent, never forget to discipline your children; otherwise, if you let them have their way, they'll bring dishonor to you and your family.

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