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Uma'Uphahla there are few key words.

It's a common thing to connect with our ancestors. And it's very important to do it right. Here are few correct key words.

1.Introduce your self.

For example "I Quinton the son of Zweli and Gloria , (never forget to use your clan names and your own language) I gather you all here... Then you state the reason why uphahla.

2. Apologize- I apologize for all the deeds that I have done wrong whether knowingly or not.

3. Giving Thanks- i thank you all for guiding me, protecting me up to this far(you can even name specific things if there are)

4. Say your heartfelt desires/reasons for communicating. bring light to everything I touch and more light as I embark the journey of searching for work.

5. conclude- As I depart please walk with me, oversee me in everything, visit in my dreams, guide me and protect me from any harm ,Camagu "say your clan names

Then you get up and go if you are doing it in the wilderness, if you doing it in the house then you can walk around every room burning impepho.

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Gloria I Quinton Uma'Uphahla Zweli


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