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The power to test the vision and dreams.

Reading helps us a lot, it gives us understanding in to the things that we do not know. I for one never knew of such things about the spiritual side. To my understanding dreams are things that we are fearful of or things that we hope to achieve. Dreams are said to be the connection with the spiritual side according to other beliefs. Then there are those who believe that it's spiritual attacks and not every spirit is good. Well then there are those that just take it as a simple dream. Well with the Bible scripture that I have found it's not the case. It's very different from the I idea that I thought was. And learned that not all dreams and visions are of God. And that we should test the spirit but question is how on earth do I do that. Where do we start, well I was referred to this scriptures. We are told test, like every food that you eat should be tested. Almost every thing in life has been put through some test to see if it will meet the customers needs.

The quality of the product is tested to know how long it will last you. And what is the purpose of the product. In every thing mostly in products, that's where the guarantee of the product is concluded.

In John 4:1 ( Do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God. For there are many false prophets in the world.)

We are told to be aware of such spirits and we are told how to test them. Meaning even those that come spiritual are to be tested in dreams. So we have been given the power to test them. 1 John 4:2, is the scripture that explains more about the spiritual side. This is if you believe in the Bible. For we may differ from beliefs and religious values.

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