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Look at what Mzansi noticed behind Bushiri picture he posted today after baptizing his followers

my goodness!!!


Today was a great day in history right here in Malawi as thousands showed up to our Annual Salvation Festival in Salima. I preached about salvation and the importance of our salvation. It was an emotional moment to see thousands receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. We baptized so many and rejoiced with them in the Lord.


We also had over 1000 gatherings around the world, celebrating in many of our church branches.


If you are reading this post, I wish you a HAPPY SALVATION DAY!


"Happy Salvation Day to you too, my Prophet, and the entire ECG family! I'm so happy to be part of it and I'm very thankful to my LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST for my salvation! GOD BE BLESSED!Thank you.My Prophet, I adore you.Shalom. Happy Salvation Week! Thank you so much, our Prophet. We wine many souls because of this day. Happy Happy Birthday Salvation Day! The festival was very powerful everywhere at ECG Branches.


I received it and we give thanks to our mighty God for what he has done on this day of salvation. We salute you, our lovely parents. May God give me more days of life to preach to the nation. Thank you, prophet; we are saved by grace; may the Lord continue to bless you. Long live the Prophet; see the work you have done in bringing souls to Jesus Christ.Thank God you accepted your calling. You love God more than yourself, and he loves you in Jesus name. I thank God for your life, daddy. May God bless my prophet.Thank you, dad, for answering the call of God. Millions know God and fear God because of you, my dad. "I love you so much, dad. " A Facebook follower said


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