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Mzansi spit fire after the famous prophet revealed disturbing vision on the late Killer Kau

Many phony prophets have been uncovered via web-based media lately, and subsequently, many are losing their confidence in prophets nowadays. It is turning out to be progressively hard to distinguish authentic prophets of God, as countless phony prophets are arising with the expectation of deceiving individuals for monetary advantage. It isn't shocking in light of the fact that it is written in the Bible that numerous bogus prophets will show up toward the apocalypse and guarantee that God is available, yet the expression of God says that we ought not pay attention to them. 

Discussing prophets, the passing of the late film and TV maker Shona Ferguson in July launch a self-announced prophet via online media by the name of Radebe Lihle into public conspicuousness. In his case, the prophet said that he anticipated Shona Ferguson's passing however that he was feeble to forestall it since Connie Ferguson didn't get in touch with him on schedule in the wake of passing on an internet based message on Twitter for him to reach him in regards to the existence of her late spouse. Connie Ferguson, then again, didn't contact him even after the passing of her better half. 

From that point forward, oneself broadcasted prophet has been forecasting individuals via web-based media, especially the people who are in the public eye, like superstars and other high-profile people, among others. Recently, the prophet uncovered data about the late executioner kau, who passed unfortunately the earlier month following a horrendous occasion that happened at Marikana, Northwest on the seventh August. 

As indicated by the prophet, he guaranteed that he saw executioner kau in his vision moving and seeming, by all accounts, to be content, much as he had been with his progenitors. He likewise said that Killer Kau was living it up actually like he used to while he was as yet alive. 

Sadly, this time, individuals didn't accept his vision and called him out on it, examining why he just predictions regarding VIPs and not normal individuals. Mzansi was maddened, and they requested the prophet to quit it from his bogus cases. Some even ventured to such an extreme as to recommend that he should regard the dead and leave his chance chasing. Investigate the remarks made by others in the segment underneath.

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