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Trusted Prophet Shares How You Can Protect Yourself From The Worst That's Coming

When Jesus resurrected from the grave, we were promised that the Holy Spirit would accompany him and assist us in our daily lives, as well as give us cautions about things we can't see with our eyes. The term "Holy Spirit who will lead us" is sometimes misunderstood to refer to the Bible, prophets, pastors, and anybody with supernatural skills to see into the future and see things that ordinary people cannot.

Despite the fact that we are all born with unique qualities and abilities, some of us are chosen and given the ability to see things that others cannot. They're referred to as prophets.

Prophet Rhadebelihle, one of the most well-known prophets on Twitter, presented alarming information, claiming that South Africa is about to enter a terrible phase. He has issued a warning to the public, stating that the worst is about to happen. He did, however, give his disciples a spiritual guidance or answer so that when a difficult moment comes, they will be prepared.

The first thing we should do as a country, according to the prophet, is to cease appeasing the government and white people. There are others who are white monopoly's puppets who try to fit into white people's lives. He also cautions individuals from doing so. You should also practice healthy eating because more ailments are on the way. Stopping shootings is one of the most critical things the prophet has been urging people to do. However, the prophet's meaning of "shots" was unclear, and others mistook it for a vaccine.

Many people seemed to believe in this prophet since he had predicted so many things in the past, all of which came true, including the death of a well-known producer, Shona Ferguson, and piano music legend Killer Kau.

There have been so many negative events recently. We must be fully prepared for living on our own, since "Rest in peace" has become the new "good morning" and "good night" text.

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