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A Terrified Pastor Says Umlando Challenge is Used by Demons


25 June 2022

One of the most beautiful things about religion is that one can believe in what they believe in without having to shove down on other people's throats. When it comes to Christians they often find ways to discredit other people's lifestyles even when doing so will cause harm to another person.

Discrediting a person's content such as a song can at some point cause harm to the financial gains of an artist. When it comes to intellectual content it is important to respect other people and their work thereafter.

This means that when you criticize it is important to do so in a way that you do not harm that specific individual because at the end of the day they have families and bills that need to be paid for. Such unfair critique results in the unfair discretion of a song.

One can sue a person who makes such allegations because there is no good basis for such critique of their brand. If you remember well Christian Ronaldo has to pay an amount of $4 million after he subbed Coca-Cola by removing the Coca-Cola bottle that was before him in an interview.

A pastor in Nigeria has shown that he does not care much about this and went on to criticize Umlando challenge which is a popular dance in South Africa.

He claimed that dancing with the back is manufactured by demons. He claimed that so many girls have been captured by demons.

He claims that some girls who were supposed to be doctors have become the hosts of the demons.

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