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Dead pastor's family waiting for him to come back to life.

Apprently a man in Durban who is a pastor has died but has not been buried since August 2021: For three months, Pastor Siva Moodley's body has been lying in a funeral home in Fourways, Gauteng, because his family is praying for his resurrection.

Moodley, 53, founder of The Miracle Centre in the north of Johannesburg, he apparently died on August 15 after falling ill. Since his death, his body has been kept at Martin’s Funeral Home in Fourways.

Martin du Toit, the manager at the funeral home, told the City Press that shortly after his death, Moodley’s family and members of the church used to visit the funeral home to pray for his resurrection. This is scary and sad , dead people should be buried and not worshipped. Let people rest, only God can decide or lives or dies and when.

He also claims, on the website, to have given back sight to those who were blind and hearing to people who were hearing impaired. His website further claims that he has healed people suffering from cancer and other ailments.

I think that this churches preach miracles, and super natural happenings, but the reality is that something this miracles are not always guaranteed as only God can give them.

Appetance is very important, they must let the man rest and be buried in peace .His gone and his not coming back.

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