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10 Things People Assume are in the Bible But Absolutely Not There

10 Things People Assume are in the Bible But Absolutely Not There

There are many things not in the Bible but many Bible students assume are there. Many of these things have formed popular beliefs and doctrine in many Christian groups and churches today. Here are some popular ones among them:

God helps those who help themselves. 

There is no portion of scriptures that make mention of this. Yet it is a popular saying among Christians even among many preachers. The origin of this saying has been traced to the Aesops Fables. Hence, it is actually a distortion of a saying from the fable.


Trinity refers to the theological concept of God- the father, God- the son and God- the spirit. The triune nature of the Godhead. But this is never mentioned in the Bible as a word. 

Adam and Eve ate an apple in the Garden of Eden

There is a popular opinion among Christians about the type of fruit eaten by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Even preachers refer to the fruit that the first couple ate as an apple. We are not sure of this as the bible does not state explicitly if it was an apple. Some even believe it is not a physical fruit.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

The statement is not found in the Bible. Perhaps, it is implied in the sense that it is described in the book of Leviticus, but there is nowhere in the Bible that it is directly mentioned.

What God cannot do does not exist.

This expresses the omnipotent nature of God, but there are things that God can’t do. Even the bible confirms it- God cannot lie and will not do anything outside his characters and word.

The number of the wise men

The number of the wise men are not indicated in the Bible. Many people said they are three of them based on the number of gifts they brought to Jesus, but there is no indication of how many of them brought the three gifts. It could have been two or more. 

Sunday being the Lord’s Day

That Sunday is the Lord’s Day, or that the Bible sanctions a change of the Sabbath day is not indicated in the Bible.

Peter was Bishop of Time.

Some preachers assume and teach that Peter was the bishop of Rome. The bible does not indicate this as a fact. It is an assumption.

"Spare the rod and spoil the child."

This is not a direct biblical expression even though there may be some parts of the Proverbs that suggest this but it is not directly stated as such.

"When God closes a door He opens a window."

Although there may be scriptural inferencing to this, but there is no such expression in the Bible. It is purely the making of people.



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