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Catholic Priest Reveals The 3 Dangerous Things That Open Door For The Devil

Father Hugo Valdemar, prison group of the Archdiocese of Mexico, cautioned with regards to how divination, black magic or the utilization of ornaments are means and windows for the entry of Satan.

In a section entitled " You wear' t play with Satan" , distributed by the Mexican paper ContraRéplica, Father Valdemar remarked that half a month prior a black magic celebration was held in Mexico City entitled " Aquelarre Fest CDMX" .

The minister cautioned that " a celebration of this kind might appear to anybody that it is gibberish or a guiltless game" , anyway " few acknowledge that it is so perilous to advance participation at an occasion that, hidden as family tomfoolery or interest, it can have inconceivable results on individuals, their lives and wellbeing " .

" Satan isn't a fantasy concocted by the Church to frighten the unwary, the Evil One is a profound animal whose presence and impact is a reality of confidence that isn't in question, nor is his insidious, distorted, debasing and disastrous activity, " he said.

" Although an individual doesn't intentionally go into a relationship with Satan through a settlement, conjuring or love, it is sufficient that he opens, deliberately or unknowingly, denied or expressly certain entryways for him to enter individuals' s lives and annihilate them" .

In this sense, he underscored that practices like divination, spiritism, black magic, horoscopes, talismans, Santeria, Santa Muerte, Halloween, yoga, purifying and shamans, as well as familial agnostic practices, ought to be stayed away from. They are all " means and windows for Satan' s section and disastrous work in individuals' s lives, plaguing their homes, presenting their spirits to everlasting condemnation. "

" They are not blameless exercises, they are valid lies of Satan, " he pushed.

He additionally clarified that " as an inquisitor of the Cathedral of Mexico I have been astounded to see the awful ramifications for individuals who enter these honest games. " According to the cleric, a significant number of the people who practice divination or black magic wind up experiencing mental, mental and otherworldly lopsided characteristics, unexplained sicknesses, constant sleep deprivation and weakness, uneasiness and intense gloom.

" A straightforward witch celebration can turn into the destruction of your life and the condemnation of your spirit, in the event that you are a Catholic don't fall into misdirection and assuming you have fallen hotel to the holy observance of admission and forswear Satan and his works before that it is past the point of no return" , finished up the minister.


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