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Shembe Church In Crisis|| Why The Battle Of Leadership In Nazareth Will Not Be Resolved Soon

The battle over who shall rule the Nazareth Church of Buhleni has been causing a steer among members and leaders, but the court has ruled who is the right leader.

The Nazarene church leader Misebeyelanga Shembe passed away and the church has been fighting as to who shall be the next leader. King Kukhanyakwelanga and the church members went to Durban High seeking the removal of Nyazilwezulu Shembe from being the leader of Buhleni and the Constitutional Court has ruled that the late Misebeyelanga Shembe is the official leader of the Shembe church.

This was revealed by the court on June 22 this year. In court papers, Kukhanyakwelanga and the church's secretary-general, Chancy Sibisi, said Nyazilwezulu should not appear in public as the king of Buhleni, Qadi King Mqoqi Ngcobo and Rev Friend Nzama should stop blocking believers from entering Buhler. They said Nyazilwezulu should move out of Buhleni which is the church's home and remove all his belongings from the Buhleni temples. They want him to bring all the accounts, bank statements and money collected all the time he has been convicted.

 A spokesman for Kukhanyakwelanga Nazarenes, Nkululeko Mthethwa, said although some of the papers were filed in court, they were not allowed to comment on the matter as they had not yet filed papers with the lawyers of the party (Nyazi). This was put on hold until they have a response from the Nyazilwezulu. Buhler spokesperson Lizwi Ncwane could not be reached for comment. Church matters must stay within the organization the Court cannot change the laws and regulations that govern the church.

Fighting a successor is very bad as many people get involved and usually begin to take sides. In some cases, things end up very ugly as some people revert to killing in the hope of getting what they want. Shembe is an organization built on a family the rightful person to lead after the death of Misebeyelanga should take over. In such cases, a will must always be in place to avoid infighting among those left behind.

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