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Rituals to do when spiritual gifted person

As promised today is the day am going to give instructions of how we going to get started with our seven days prayer.

and for those of you who managed to get all the requested items you will be joining me. and the others tomorrow as we start our seven days prayer. and for those of you who haven't got them you still have time up until tomorrow at 21:00 because the will start at 21:30...


1. White candles x4

2. Blue candles x4

3. Yellow candles x4

4. Green candles x4

5. Red candles x4

6. Glass of water (it will depends on the number of the house members)

7. Black snuff x1

8. Lucky sticks x1


At exactly 21:20 tomorrow. From all the candle packs you going to 1 of each colour place them down in circular formation. the circle needs to big enough to accommodate all members of your house hold...

thereafter you will need to sprinkle the snuff into the circle you've made with your candles. and as for the water you'll need a bigger container. or a bucket so that the water can be enough for everyone to drink or to bath with.

As for lucky stick you will need a bath soap so that you can stick them on it. then you will take the sticks place then at the center of the circle you've made with your candles.

then when everything is done everyone will need to get into the circle then you as the leader you will light up the candles.then while your candles are burning you can kneel down and start to pray and communicate.

when you are all done you can share the water and use the way it needs to be used.after don't switch off the candles let them burn you will switch them off when the sticks go off.don't forget to share with your friends and family...

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