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How to communicate with your ancestors by a traditional beer, find out details below (opinion)

According to our culture when a family or individual is experiencing misfortunes ,first thing is to communicate with the ancestors

as we believe that ancestors knows everything about us

today I will talk about doing traditional beer to communicate with your ancestors, firstly when your ancestors need you to do a traditional beer

You will dream about people drinking a traditional beer, people need to know that a traditional beer must be done by your money not by someone's money

when you're forgetting your dreams you must consult a sangoma, because your ancestors can't communicate with you, we are spiritual beings we have to dream and connect to the world of spirituality

use a traditional beer to communicate with your ancestors, According to mr mavuka a well known sangoma from Soweto, doing a traditional beer to communicate with your ancestors, can bring good luck to you and your family

before you do it , it is important to communicate with your ancestors (phahla) to tell them that, you will do a traditional beer on a particular day

it is believed that whenever the is people that are drinking a traditional beer, ancestors are also available,

if you don't know how to do a traditional beer check below

you must have 25 liter bucket 2 containers, containers must be able to hold 40 liters, large pot,


2kg of wheat malt

Cold water

5kg of mealie meal

And remember you need to take four days to do a traditional beer (mqombothi)

During day one mix the following things together

2kg maize meal

5kg Melanie meal

1kg wheat malt

Inside of 25 liter

Cold water 3/4 level of the bucket, boil 1liter of water and pour inside the bucket, mix all together then place the lid and leave that for fermitation, make sure that, place is worm,

during day two

you must see that fermitation took place


Fill the pot with water of 3/5 and boil it, mix with that fermented cocktail,untill it looks like porridge

Then after you have finished cooking , empty some of the contents of the pot inside of the bucket, leave small cooked cocktail inside the pot, sum up greater of fermented mixture to the pot, keep on adding worm water to make sure that porridge is glossy

Then transmit the cooked porridge inside the larger container and close it

on day three

Sum up 3kg of wheat malt with cold porridge cocktail, stir it to make sure it is mixed together, mix cold porridge with wheat malt Inside the larger container for fermitation

on day four

The quid should look like rich thick layer, stir the cocktail and filter the liquid that is already a traditional beer

Source Mr mavuka and Google

Content created and supplied by: Avumile (via Opera News )


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