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'We Are Not Crazy By Continuing To Follow UNyazilwezulu' : eBuhleni Members

They have denied to comment on the matter of eBuhleni congregation dismissal. This was done by the two Nazareth organisations, which are IsiQabetho seNhlalamafini and Nabachu.Both these organisations had called for a press conference that took place at Coastlands, Durban.

Chairman of IsiQabetho, Dr Ngogi Mahaye said all he came to do is to clear things up that it doesn't mean that they are mad or crazy as they continue to follow uNyazilwezulu after everything that has been happening. He mentioned that they are not worried about the recent decision made by the court as it means nothing to them.

'There are people who are responsible for law matters at eBuhleni. We are not involved in that, all we wanted to clarify is that we will die where uNyazi dies because we believe that he is the God and we are not crazy for believing that.'

When he was asked if they would be moving out from eBuhleni he responded with a question.

'Have you ever heard that a person is chased out of his home to go live where he doesn't belong? Have you ever seen a person who belongs to another family burning incense (impepho) at a home that does not belong to him'?

He emphasized that they are not crazy for continuing to follow UNyazilwezulu.

'We are not confused, we are also not mentally ill but well and fine. The thing is we are humans and not stones, only stones can be moved from one place to another by a person however and whenever he/she likes.' Stated Mahaye

He concluded by saying IsiQabetho is an organisation that was formed by eBuhleni members who are experts, those who have deep love for Shembe and who are also willing to play a big role in the developments of the congregation.


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