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Today's Verse: Isaiah 60:22- When The Time Is Right I, The Lord Will Make It Happen. Please Read

There is nothing that is as perfect as God's timing, not only because no one understands it, but because it is the most perfect time to have all your blessings given to you.

One Thing that we as peoe fail to believe is that God loves all of us the same way, God does not have favorites, the fact that your friend's things are coming together right now it does mean that your things are not going to come together it simply means that your time has not come.

Like are different so are their journeys that lead to their destinys, so you must never compare yourself to anyone. Same goes for your journey, you have your own unique journey, so treat it as such, unique.

When your time has come God will make things happen for you, what you must remember is that when God shows up he shows off, so do not be discouraged because your time is coming.

Please leave an amen if you believe that your time is also coming. Do not forget to share this message because it really helps. God bless you

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