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The Gain Of Reaching Out To People Who Are Below Your Status

"Be on the same page with one another. Don't be concerned with high things, but rather with lowly men. Don't be fooled by your own arrogance." Romans 12:16

God descended down to rescue the Israelites from Egypt after seeing their predicament, hearing their pleas, and experiencing their sorrows. Our God is on the move. He comes down to take care of His people. Even though God is in Heaven and sits on His throne, He condescends to meet the needs of His children on earth (Isaiah 66 : 1).

We see the God who owns the livestock on a thousand hills and who Heaven can't keep from wanting to dine in your house in Psalm 50: 10 - 12 and Revelation 3: 20. After praising God for the supply, sanctify it and invite Him to join you whenever you want to eat.

Nobody will be able to contaminate the food that God is consuming. God is capable of descending to any level. Even though Jesus Christ is God, he became a man and served as a servant, according to Philippians 2: 5–8.

God surprised me one day when He told me that, although being the Almighty God, He has been serving His children as a servant. We are basically sending Him on an errand when we say, "Father, give me this or that," he explained, and He delivers. What level is too low for you to go in helping people under you since God can condescend to any level merely to serve His children?

God is a living example. He has done it many times before telling you to humble yourself and serve others. Some leaders believe that they are too high up to be reached. You will be unable to reach out to those who are down if you are 'high' and stay there.

Most of the individuals you're supposed to reach out to are on the lower end of the spectrum: they don't know much about God or His ways, they've probably never been ordained, they have little or no means of subsistence, they have little or no education, and so on.

The capacity to lower yourself to their level is a plus that elevates you to the status of God. That is what humility is all about. Put your differences aside today and reach out to them in the way that our Lord Jesus Christ did.

Reach out to ten people who are below your social position and show them God's love.

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