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" Consider Their Threats, Oh Lord And Stretch Out Your Hands "

After their captors let them off the hook, the Apostles went straight to their group and told them about their ordeal. They did not go to their villages or relatives to report the incident or to take legal action against the high priest's family and the Sadducees. Christians share a bond that is stronger than that of one's immediate family and relations.

It is unfortunate that in today's world, people no longer take Christian family seriously, which explains why, even in Christian businesses, some people prefer to work with their unbelieving relatives rather than genuine Christians. It is obvious that only those who are united by our common faith in Christ will inherit God's kingdom in heaven.

One sign of Christian fellowship is the unity with which they raised their voices in unison and reported the matter to the church's owner, who sent His Holy Spirit to comfort and strengthen them. No amount of human comfort or counselling can give you the spiritual strength to continue preaching the gospel in the face of adversity. Take your case or matter to God, who understands your burdens and pains, for a permanent solution, rather than to man, who will only provide you with a temporary or no solution.

The church has continued to face persecution from unbelievers, and many Christians have been victims of cruel actions, but the gospel will continue to spread until Christ returns to collect the saints. Prepare for the difficulties that will come with preaching the gospel, and never flee your duty post because of persecution. He has promised that he will never leave you or forsake you.

In Jesus' name, Amen, I pray that the Holy Spirit will give you the strength and courage to face persecution for your faith in Christ. Have a nice and blessed day.

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