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End times: This guy lifts a controversial post, it says "Jesus never existed: Opinion

It is quite clear that the time that we are living in, we are living in the very edge of the last days. Actually there are days that marked the beginning of the last days, then there are days that are in the middle of the last days, and then there are days that in marks the last days of the last day.

I believe that right now, we are living in the last days of the last days. Whether people wants to believe in the bible or not, whether people wants to believe in the God of the bible or not. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit they are not a myth, it is not an illusion when you are told about their existence. They are real.

One thing that amazes me about the people, it is that they don't believe in the Bible even when every detail that the Bible has prophesied that it will happen, it is happening. Right now we see false prophets, we see was races against races fighting, Nations against Nations fighting, we see homosexuality, polyandry, and all kind of abominable things that the Bible say they will happen.

It is written in the book of 1st Timothy chapter 3, the Bible says "in those days" people will be lawless. So this is the era of lawlessness. Where everybody can start an abominable movement, and promoted through influencers for it to be endorsed by he law, before you know it, it has passed.

What we used to know as a taboo and immoral, is now a normal thing, that's how corrupt this world has become. Pn the other hand Jesus spoke about prophets that will come in the form a sheepskin, but inside they are wolves. Thank God that the same Jesus says, "my sheep knows my voice! If you are truly a child of God, you know where God is, and where deception is.

In these days, it is not everywhere that we see is the power of God, but everywhere where there is no power, it's not God. It is not every knowledge that we see, is pure, some of the knowledge demonic. Some things that people are doing or say are devil incarnate, and the agenda is to mislead the people on the last hour. It is to take people away from the Grace on the last hour. I only pray that most of the people may remain standing because, it is almost over.

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