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Memes that will complete your day

When you are at church Praising the lord with your wife and your side chick's daughter recognizes you You are praying to God for a good husband. I come to your inbox and you reject me. Do you know who sent me Black, eyeing and hairy pet for sale.. for any amount just bring money

When you give a random stranger a lift at night and hear say "I wish I learned how to drive when I was alive"Grandpa why are you driving so fast in the wrong lane?

We are going to see grandma

Wait, but she is dead When you are lazy but you have to wash the dishes After reading the first question, you and your friend making eye contact in an exam hallLawyer: Okay your honor we'll take the 50 years

Me: B*tch who the f*ck is we

Me trying to relax then boom!. The lady who gave birth to me calls me:

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