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TB Joshua's Church Show Its True Colors| The In Fighting Occurs To Stop Evelyn Joshua Leading It

The Synagogue Church Of Nations is in uproar as members reject Evelyn Joshua's leadership. The members of the congregation are outraged by Joshua's wife's appointment. TB Joshua, according to the rumor, died knowing that his church would be headed by one of the Pastors who had succeeded him. Even in supposedly holy settings, people get into fights. There is no doubt in our minds that TB Joshua professed himself to be a prophet. So tell me, why are his subjects engaged in a civil war over the throne.

Others in the congregation, referring to themselves as the Global Congress of Synagogue, have questioned Evelyn Joshua's suitability as their spiritual head. When you read the Bible, Jesus makes it clear that Satan will be unable to hold his own if he engages in self-defense. The government, like a soccer team, can only stand steady if everyone on the squad fights together.

Church warfare is all too common these days. For example, in South Africa, the Shembe Church is riven by sectarian strife, whereas in Kerala, a century-long court war between two Christian sects came to an end in 2017. the final decision of the Supreme Court of the United States This week, though, a turf war erupted over the management of thousands of parishes, their churches, and their real estate.

On Thursday, tensions erupted in Ernakulam when the Orthodox Christian faction decided to seize control of the Pivoram St Mary's church from the Jacobite group, armed with a Supreme Court order in their favor.

All the bickering, in my opinion, can be put an end to if church pastors cease claiming the church is theirs. People like to prove their might and self-importance, thus fights will continue. What can be done to put an end to these clashes?


MaringozenSep 23, 2021 5:02 AM

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