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Follow the instructions and you will not regret.

God is love and salvation is gotten through His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. God's love endures forever. His Word is Good News to those who fear Him. Let's look at what to do when we receive words of instructions from prophets. Previously, to those who follow me, I explained the role of prophets as God's message bearers, who can only speak as they are led by the Power of the Holy Spirit. They can not add or subtract but can petting for change if it were possible.

2 Kings 13:18-19

[18]Then Elisha told the king to take the other arrows and strike the ground with them. The king struck the ground three times, and then stopped.

[19]This made Elisha angry, and he said to the king, “You should have struck five or six times, and then you would have won complete victory over the Syrians; but now you will defeat them only three times.”

We must realize that, the visit by the king to Elisha's home is planned by God, as we know that nothing happens by chance. God wants the survival of the children of Israel during the leadership of king Joash. The prophet is lying on his death bed, and ignores the sympathies and the crying of the King, but draws the King's attention to the wars he must fight with his enemies (Syrians). Drew your arrows and shoot, you are the winning arrow of God, said the prophet to the King. Such praises to ignorant people tends to affect their future. Instead of being fully concentrated to the issues at the matter, the king faulters on his next instructions.

"Drew some of the arrows and strike the ground!" This, the prophet spoke in full knowledge of the King's arrogance. He struck thrice and stopped. Now the question is; why did the king stop? There are many reasons but the main one is pride and questioning the one who is instructing him. Remember the prophet is sick from a fatal illness. He is prophecying to the king dispite all that. We must not look at the condition of the man of God but instead we must listen to his instructions.

We often, tell the congregation to fast and pray. But not even one follow that. The reason being that; why shouId we all fast and pray, unless it was my direct problems. Yes, the church is our direct problem and we need to fast and pray for unit and the Holy Ghost to be in our midst all the time.

I shared the reaction of the king following the prophet's instructions because; this is where most of us fall short of the grace of God. We fail to do as we're asked. We do half and stop before the task is completed. Unless it specifies like in the case of Namaan, do not stop until the very prophet tells you to stop.

Namaan was asked to swim seven times in river Jordan. He had his short falls before he eventually did what he was told to do and he was healed of his sickness.

We are not receiving our healing; deliverance; blessings ( salvation), not because we are not praying enough, No! We are simply not following instructions from our annoited man of God. I will leave you on this challenge today and ask you to revisit your own prophetic message from before, check if you did as was required of you. If you missed your footing on the instructions, go back and repent on it.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, I ask for your mercy and favour to speak into my situation today. Bring salvation to my soul. If I missed on your instructions, I repent and acknowledge that in your name my salvation will come. Amen

Thank you for reading through. Please like and follow me for more evangelism work.

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Elisha Kings


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