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"This year I see thousands upon thousands of people coming out of their prisons, you are one of them

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is one of the credible prophets left. He has worked his way through to the top. It is not a secret that many see him as one of those who have ripped the body of Jesus Christ apart, but he is actually one of the builders not destroyers. The founder of UFIC, he is a man of God based in Harare, the man full of wisdom of the word and life in general. This man is not just a prophet, he is an entrepreneur, and he is a very wise advisor.

He has come out to give this prophetic word that, many will come out of prisons this year, the good news about this declaration is that, you are one of them. Congratulations you are among the ones that God will deliver.[0]=AZUXL1dLzsst3ny2sW7GVlIuFDjUJvLAIqcK2jXSTkD8EHElHuofIqJTjZqtNMKZ4PqxQtcf2iZ-eWC55LWGALp9NBNWMn8xUVSHco2p-gnF-k8qjYeim4fyYv_bp74eGy-GP-ssLzL5M3xNuD1Z3m_K&__tn__=%3C%3C%2CP-R

This year I am seeing thousands upon thousands of people coming out of their prisons and you are one of them!

If you have a disease in your body, be healed in the name of JESUS!

If your relationship is sick, I speak healing right now!

If you have lost energy, strength, desire, passion or momentum; Your time for restoration has come! May you excel into your greatest heights!



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Emmanuel Makandiwa Harare UFIC


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