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Be Careful of These Important 9 Powers Of Sin Satan Use To Attack Christians

Since Satan is viewed as the man of sin by the Bible, Satan can use some little-known powers and traits of sin to his advantage as a Christian to attack and steal your precious possessions. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know this power of sin and that's why I want to share it with you quickly.

1. The seductive power of sin Proverbs 1: 10 Sin is seductive and Satan can take advantage of this opportunity. taken, could be a victim.

2. The power of deception 2 Corinthians 11: 3 Sin has always been deceptive and Satan always uses this quality to advantage over Christians. The same power was used in the Garden of Eden when Satan deceived Eve by tricking her into eating the fruit, and as a result, Adam and Eve lost access to the beautiful garden. 

3. The Contagious Power of Sin 1 Corinthians 15: 33 

There is a popular saying that "bad communication spoils good manners," and the above statement is the result of the contagious power of sin. If the devil cannot catch you deceiving and deceiving, he will push you into the company of sinners, where you can be easily defiled and corrupted.

4. The Pleasant Power of Sin 2 Samuel 13: 2 and 5 You should notice that sin is pleasant, but for a moment, too.

5. The Power of Addiction Hebrews 3:13 and 14 

After a long time enjoying the temporary joys of sin, he becomes addicted to various sinful acts, and addiction can be catastrophic to a person's life. 

6. The Secret Power of Sin Psalm 90: 8, Jeremiah 17: 9 This is probably the most neglected power and form of sin. You cannot see the intentions and thoughts that your neighbour has towards you, and no one can see the thoughts that you have towards him. The Bible clearly states that "man's heart is sinful and desperately bad, who knows?" Jeremiah 17: 9. Also, there are some secret sins and injustices that you hide in your heart that cause blessings to be prevented.

7. The Mighty Power of Sin Proverbs 7:21 27 This power of sin is responsible for keeping some Christians in bondage. Sin is imposed on its victims and can be destructive.

8. The Demonic Power of Sin Luke 22: 3, Ephesians 4:27 

If Satan cannot use the previous powers against you, he will attack you through his demons, and that is why sin is demonic. Satan and his demons can penetrate a person's heart, attack them and cause them to sin.

9. The Destructive Power of Sin The result of sin in a believer's life is destruction. Satan's ultimate goal is to destroy his victims by the destructive potential of sin. Most of all, you must be careful with these powers as they are only weapons left to the devil. Have you ever had an encounter with any of these sinful forces? Share your thoughts and contributions in the comments section below.

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