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3 African Young Ministers Of God Who Are Below The Age Of 15, Carrying Out The Work Of God

While there are some young Ministers of God who are less than 15 years old, they are actively engaged in carrying out God's ministry. They are just in their early twenties, yet they have already won a number of people to the Lord Jesus Christ. Look at three African Ministers of God who are under the age of 15 that we may learn about in this article.

Chigozie Stephen

At the age of 8, the little kid who is a Preacher at Christ Mercy Land Ministry in Delta State first came to the public's attention when he was in the news. He and his older brother Chigozie are referred to as "Angels on Duty" because of their heroic actions. The fact that Chigozie is just 11 years old does not detract from the fact that he is doing God's work.

Reverend Victor Githu

At the present, Reverend Victor is the youngest Preacher from Kenya. For the past several months, the young Preacher has traveled to several churches around Kenya to preach. A number of individuals have expressed concern that the young Preacher, who is 11 years old, is too young to be a preacher, and he has responded by urging the critics to focus on the word of God and forget about his age altogether.

Junior Jeremiah

While still 12 years old, the young man, together with his younger brother, Chigozie, began preaching and performing miracles at the Christ Mercy Land Ministry in Delta State, and they have continued to thrive in the Kingdom since that time. In accordance with sources, he is the adopted son of Pastor Jeremiah, and despite his advanced age, he has been instrumental in bringing numerous people to Christ.

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