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Spiritual healer explains why gifted People burn iMpepho to communicate with ancestors


African spiritually has been part of our lives for many years, the only way for black people to communicate with their guides has only been to burn Mpepho as a way of summoning them.

A spiritual healer explained how meaningful it is to burn this herb in order to open the gates for them to come to us. She explained that ancestors do not come to us just because we wanna summon them, she said they come to us at their own time to fulfill our wishes. As long we do not respect the relationship between them and us nothing will work out. Gifted people need to burn iMpepho or candle to plea with ancestors for clarity.

That is why returning to our roots is what manners the most to them, taking Western practices and then call them is the worse nightmare. They might answer at their own time not when you expect them to respond, remember building a relationship with them is a way to greener pastures. That way they will know what you really want from them.

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African iMpepho


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