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Opinion|| Christians the most judgemental people.

Christians the most judgemental people in the world. 


Should a pastor or any member of the church be seen sitting with prostitutes, thieves or traditional healers many people Christians and none believers will believe and start spreading rumours that the pastor was seen with sinners. These rumors will mainly suggest that the pastor is one of them or went to "sangomas" to get something that will bring more people to church. It will not occur or it will occur to very few that the pastor might have been preaching and evangelising to those people.

It has been said before that Christians are the most judgemental people ever. Some believe that they are holier than thou and hence they should not be associated with sinners. One thing that people forget is that the great commission did not send us to those who are churched already but to the very sinners that we avoid and do not want to be associated with.

I once heard of a story of a prostitute who was going about her normal business day, when she passed by a church and heard the singing and praying. Something came over her and she decided to enter the church. As she entered the church women looked at her with disgust, mothers grabbed their kids and the pastor preached about how the devil sends his agents to church to try and bring him down. No one stood up to cover the lady and make her feel welcomed until she left and never came back. That was a soul lost.

People today forget that a church isn't for the perfect but for the sick. A church is a house for the sinful, those who need Christ and salvation. Just like a hospital being a home for the sick. No one goes to the doctor's room unless they are sick. Imagine going to the hospital and get turned back not because you are not sick but because the doctors and the nurses in that hospital have forgotten why the hospital was built in the fist place.

Verses in the bible are usually misquoted and interpreted when people want to justify their behaviours:

2 Corinthians 6:14 Do not be equally yoked with sinners. Psalms 1:1 Blessed is the man who does not sit in the sit of the scornful. Both these verses have been wrongly interpreted. They both warn us of sitting equally with sinners but they don't say we shouldn't preach to them.

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