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When your christianity clashes with your ancestors calling

Many christians believe that ancestors are demons. Why would even people think that the person who once lived with them, becomes a demon after death. It's weird believe you me, but that is not the case.The issue here is when ancestors arises within someone who believes it is a demon(christian).

Hell will break loose here, one thing I know is that you can't escape your calling from your ancestors. Believe you me, you can fast and pray as much as you want but there is no escaping such calling.

I heard people saying they refused ancestors and they are fine, that is a lie christians wants you to believe.They may have refused the calling but their lives are not the same.

Ancestors doesn't just all of the sudden attack, it gives first hinds and signs.Now a Christian starts having dreams being in school, walking barefoot, being in water/dams, being surrounded by snakes, dreaming lions, tigers, pythons and cows.

They start having occuring dreams, dreaming of ancestors cloths, start seeing red, black, white in their dreams, when they ask they are told they have ancestors calling.

Now this person goes to his/her pastors telling them they are possessed by evil spirits, they fast and pray to get rid of these demon.But dreams won't stop, it doesn't matter how powerful is your paster's God, he can't remove what you are already are.

Your pastor can't make dreams of snakes go away. Being called is a gift, ancestors is very patient, it can give you signals for decades.However it won't go away, now ancestors sees that you being a Christian you won't accept your calling.

it start to destroy, it can make you lose everything, it can make you seat in a wheelchair, doctors not knowing what is wrong with you. It can destroy your relationships with others, until you come to your senses and do what is right.

Ancestors doesn't take away your Christianity, it just want you to do what is right, that's why we have churches that accept African ancetral callings.

Ancestors is to strip you of what does not align with your inner world, it doesn't care if you believe in Jesus or not. When it is time it is time, don't wait until you have lost everything in your life.

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