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Astrology Divination


Taurus love reading for July

This reading may not resonate with everyone of you as it is a general message.

Check your Sun, moon, rising and Venus placements in your astrology chart


Your love life it was affected by lies, someone had another relationship and you were filled by this person. This was unrequited love and your partner was not emotionally available. You were dealing with a controlling person and very stubborn.

Some of you are trying to fix this relationship and for some you are getting to know a new person. Things are a bit stagnant at the moment, the are missing pieces in this connection. There's a person who doesn't want to let go of a past relationship.

You will be shocked to see what is coming to you, something that was hidden will be revealed and this could bring about the end of this companionship. For some the will be unexpected changes from this new person, the relationship will come to and before it get started. 


Please let me know in the comments section how the reading relates to your love story, like and share if this resonates with you.

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Sun Taurus


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