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6 Bible Verses You Should Read Before You Sleep At Night

6 Bible Verses You Should Read Before You Sleep At Night

You should read some Bible verses before going to bed at night because God instructs you to let his word dwell in you richly in all wisdom, and according to John 6:63 and Proverbs 18:21, God's word is spirit and life, and also death and life are in the power of the tongue, and since God has designed the night as a period of rest, regeneration, and renewal in your life, you must read and declare the word of God written in the Bible to establish his word and taint provided the image.

Six Bible scriptures you should read before going to bed at night are listed below:

1. Luke 10:19 (King James Version).

According to the Bible text above, God has given you the ability to tread on serpents and scorpions, as well as over every power of the devil, and he has also promised that nothing will harm you at any point in time. Essentially, this means that, as far as God is concerned, he has given you the ability to overcome every force of the enemy, as well as the assurance that nothing from your opponents will be used against you. As a result, reading and stating the words in the Bible passage before you go to sleep at night will cause God to establish his word of promise in your life.

2. The book of Isaiah 54:15.

As revealed in the preceding Bible verse, it is certain that opponents will band together against you, but it is not by the will of God, and anyone gathers together against you will perish for your sins. It is important to read and declare this scripture before you go to sleep at night because it will put your mind at ease knowing that every opponent that gathers against you will be brought low for your sake.

3. Psalm 5:10 (King James Version).

Because they have rebelled against God and followed their own counsel, God should crush your enemies and bring them to their knees by their own counsel, and God should cast them out in the multitude of their trespasses, according to the Bible text above. By reading and pronouncing this scripture before you go to sleep at night, you are imploring God to cause your enemies to fall as a result of their schemes.

Psalm 3:8 is the fourth verse.

God's blessing is upon his people, and salvation is also God's property, as revealed in the verse above. You should read and speak this scripture in order for God to grant you his salvation and to rain his blessings onto you and your family (Isaiah 44:3).

5. Philippians 4:6 (the sixth verse).

God's peace that surpasses all understanding, as stated in the preceding Bible scripture, will keep your heart and mind at ease. As a result, you should read and announce the word of God contained in this verse in order for God to keep your heart and mind at peace via his peace as you sleep.

Psalm 90:10 is the sixth verse.

According to the Bible verse above, no bad will befall you, and no disease will come near the place where you live in the future. You should believe this verse, read it out, and announce it to God for protection, and you should never let any evil or disease to get near your home or living place while you are sleeping at night.

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