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Unemployed? Try Using These Combos "Muthi" For Luck. Prayer Alone Might Not Be Enough :Opinion

How many of you tried praying? How many Curriculum Vaties did you have to type and send to many companies which wanted people? Did prayer help you out?

Sometimes prayer alone is not enough to help you with luck, and that doesn't mean prayer doesn't work. Many people will have to do more than just praying for their luck to change and that's the sad reality of most people today.

In most cases your situation needs you to stand up for yourself and fight. Fight with prayer and traditional remedies that ancestors have used when they were living. It doesn't mean that you are a witch when you resort to other ways of trying to win in this thing called life.

A young woman who had studied mechanical engineering struggled getting a job after studying. She explained how difficult it was for her and most of the time she felt like taking a rope and ending her misery by killing herself. She prayed and hoped things will change but she stayed unemployed for 3 years.

Her luck changed she walked past a traditional healer who called her out and told her that she's walking around with a dark cloud. The healer told her some family members go to a secret church which black people call " Kereke ya sphiri" that's why nothing works for her. The healer advised her to go buy a few traditional herbs and bath with them. Now she has a job and very happy that she took advice and bought these muthi's.

Here is a few things that might help change your luck.


Which is a muthi to remove bad lucks so that you can be lovable. You can find this at any shops which sell traditional medicines.

Just boil water then pour two spoons then steam for 10-20 minutes everyday.

2. For only R50, this medicine helps you to have good luck. You can find it anywhere even at people who sell medicine across the road. No need to be shy, just buy and don't care who's watching you because at the end of the day, you are not bewitching anyone.

3. Holy ash, salt and spirit.

It get rid of all the bad luck which were sent to make your life a living hell.

You can pour a bit of Holy ashe in your shoes when you go out.

As black people, it's no secret that people out there might not want you to succeed as they have seen your potential, there might be forces working against you and making sure that every door you try to open remains closed. They don't use prayer to make sure that you remain where you are, struggling and wondering when will you catch a break. They use dark magic, that's why it's imperative to get muthi Combos which fight evil while continuing praying.

These Combos will help you change your life and get rid of the negative energy that follows you everywhere. Try them, you will see changes in your life.

Content created and supplied by: @Mbalenhle (via Opera News )

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