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Spiritual calling requires someone who dedicates herself into this gift

Every person is called with a different vision. we not the same spiritually, so let us respect others believes. Judge not so you won't be judged. I believe this group is created for a purpose not take advantage of others. 

Am worried cause people are playing spiritual gifted while they not. 

Dreams are dreams we but the is a message in every dream we dream.

Here is my message to those who are called and those who are not but having a gift to do things beyond. 

If you operate in Christianity, do so. If you have ancestral calling, do so.

If it's both ask before you can go into this journey cause spiritualism isn't a game but a serious relationship with your​ God or ancestors.

Why am I saying this, some people took wrong directions due to misinterpretation of dreams and they forsaken Thier believe. Some where misled by prophets and traditional healers, etc.

So having a calling requires someone who dedicate him/herself into this.

Some of us struggle to open up your gifts due to your believe.. some of your ancestors never believed in ancestors cause they where Christians.. some are ancestral believers and you took a Christian route. 

Study so you might understand, ask for knowledge before you jump.

Will continue to make my point on this statement.

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