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Husband and wife relationship

Pastor Wants A Wife: Angel believes Tshegofatso should stop being a pastor

Pastor Wants a Wife is a show on Mzansi Magic that shows us a man who wants a wife. This is usually a man of religion and it makes zero sense. He is tempted by all kinds of women and goes on intimate dates with women. It is a show that confused many people.

Angel, a rejected candidate, is starting to see why.

Angel was likely one of the first ladies to be sent home and coincidentally, the eldest woman. She had staunch religious principles and seemed to mature both in age and mind for him. I have to wonder why she even bothered to return to the show to ay her piece.

She claimed that Pastor Tshegofatso's actions prove that isn't ready to be a leader quite yet, that he still needs time to re-evaluate and restore himself back to a time when he could be pure in mind. I don't think she was wrong though I may in the minority.

Social Media Response

It seems people only perceived Angel to be bitter and nothing else.

One viewer wrote, "This Angel woman thinks she's an Angel of God to judge Pastor Tshego. #PastorWantsAWife"

While another user wrote, "Today's episode just proved why delivery is important. Angel raised a valid point about the pastors readiness but the delivery is just not on. Akamameleki (I can't listen to her) maaarn #PastorWantsAWife"

A fin user actually agreed with Angel and wrote, "Angel is right! Tshegofatso isn't ready for marriage. He should go out there & enjoy life. #PastorWantsAWife"

I want to be shocked at the lack of support online but I'm not. There is a clear bias against these ladies. Could Angel have been more respectful? Sure. But her point remains correct. Tshegofatso seems to be still wishing he could fly freely. He could do it if he dropped the title for a while and didnt drag one of the ladies left, down with him.

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Source: Pastor Wants a Wife on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161

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