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Prayer for Today: Oh Lord, Protect my Family From the Hands of the Enemies

Let us, as brothers and sisters in the Lord, pray for our children and place them in the capable hands of the Almighty. The Bible has taught us that it is only the Lord who can protect us from all of the damage that our enemies can bring against us.

Today is Monday, and we will all head to our various places of employment while our children will go school or attend any other scheduled activities for the day.

As a parent or mother, it is equally important for you to pray for your children, imploring God to keep them safe from the clutches of their enemies by repeating these short prayers out of faith and with conviction.


1. I commit my children to thy capable hands, and as they prepare to leave for their various places of employment today, I ask that thy Guardian Angel keep them safe and protected in the name of Jesus Christ.

2. Oh, Lord, protect my children from any wicked attack in the name of Jesus Christ.

The demonic eyes that are keeping an eye on my children will be eliminated in the name of Jesus Christ, my Father and my King.

4. Father, please destroy every type of accident that occurs in the lives of our children, in the name of Jesus.

I am grateful to you, Heavenly Father, for I know that you have heard our prayers and have granted us victory in the powerful name of Jesus.

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