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3 Forbidden Foods In The Bible That Christians Still Eat

Animal Fat

Leviticus 7:23 states that it is taboo to eat the fat of creatures like dairy cattle and sheep. While this is essential for the Old Testament virtue code that is frequently overlooked, it is a smart thought to follow it. Creature fat is awfully undesirable. While it might taste delectable, fat from creatures is high in immersed fats.


Leviticus 11:20-21

All flying bugs that downer down on the ground will be a horrifying presence to you. 21 Yet these you might eat of each flying bug that deadheads down on the ground: those which have jointed legs over their feet with which to jump on the earth.

Ocean animals that don't have scales and blades

Leviticus 11:9-12, which says (to some extent): "However every one of the animals in the oceans or streams that don't have blades and scales — regardless of whether among all the amassing things or among the wide range of various living animals in the water — you are to see them as messy ... you should not eat their meat."

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